Melon Cucumber Avocado Salad

Melonen-Avocado-Gurken-Salat auf Teller angerichtet

Summer is(s)t what happens on your plate! With our fresh, firm and super delicious summer salad you have prepared a vitamin bomb in no time at all. You can find the salad recipe and many more in our Recipe Losbox Everyday Kitchen.

10-20 minutes | for 4 people

☐ 1 honey melon, large

☐ 2 cucumbers
☐ 1 red onion, small
☐ 2 avocados
☐ 6 tablespoons olive oil
☐ 4 tablespoons lime juice

☐ 1/4 bunch of fresh coriander
☐ fresh basil
☐ 1/4 bunch fresh mint

☐ 1 cup pecans


1. Cut the melon into wedges, remove the flesh from the skin. Cut the flesh into thin slices or cubes.

2. Wash and peel cucumbers. Cut into thin strips with a peeler. Peel the onion, halve and cut into rings. Halve the avocados, deseed and cut the flesh into crescents.

3. Wash and chop the cilantro, basil and mint.

4. Place all ingredients in a large salad bowl and mix gently.

For the dressing

5. Combine the oil and lime juice in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper.

6. Pour the dressing over the salad.

The most important cooking utensils
vegetable peeler
salad bowl

Did you know already?
Botanically, the honeydew melon is a cucurbit. Because the honeydew melon plant has to grow out of the seeds every year, strictly speaking it is not a fruit but a vegetable - despite the very sweet taste.

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