Potato carrot ginger soup

Kartoffel-Karotten-Ingwer Suppe angerichtet in einer Schüssel mit Löffel

Get autumn in the pot! With our fresh, firm and super tasty soup, you will almost forget that the days are getting shorter again. You can find the recipe and many more in our Recipe Losbox Everyday Kitchen.

20-30 minutes | for 4 servings

Ingredients (chronological)
☐ 500g of potatoes
☐ 10 carrots
☐ 2-3 cm ginger
☐ 1 L vegetable broth
☐ 1/2 lemon
☐ 3-4 tbsp pumpkin seed oil


1. Wash and peel potatoes and carrots. Cut into rough cubes. Peel and coarsely dice the ginger.

2. Heat some oil in a large saucepan. Briefly fry the potatoes, carrots and ginger there.

3. Add the broth. Simmer everything together for about 15 minutes.

4. Chop the ingredients with the immersion blender until there are no longer any large pieces.

5. Season with the juice of fresh lemon. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with a dollop of pumpkin seed oil.

The most important cooking utensils

Did you know already?
The yellow power root ginger has been used by Chinese naturopaths for at least 3,000 years. Among other things, ginger has an anti-inflammatory effect and is even said to provide relief from nausea.

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